Your guide through urban studies.

Do you think that urban studies have recently emerged?  In fact, there is a lot of philosophical, anthropological, economical and sociological literature on cities, which had been the starting point for the advance in theoretical and applied discipline “urban studies”.

URBANREAD is public readings on urban books, where you find out that across the greatest urbanists there is not only Jane Jacobs, and across contemporary urban issues there is not only public spaces. Reading and talking about urban literature allows any researcher, active citizen and artist, who works with cities, to  descend in its diversity.

Every month, in the atmospheric places of St. Petersburg, we meet together to read, discuss an article or a book chapter, that was given before as a home task.  We analyse original texts and discuss how the concepts could be applied in contemporary cities.

We use various formats: reading out-loud, the role reading, playful reading, performance, visual poetry. We discuss the texts, walking in a city, invite artists and experts to read and comment on urban literature together with us.

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