January, 21

Media tour of the”third places” in Saint Petersburg

At the second urban readings we have spoken about the importance of “Third Places” for citizens and city. We had a media tour of the “third places” in Saint Petersburg together with the book “Celebrating The Third Place: Inspiring Stories About The Great Good Places at the Heart of Our Communities”, written by Ray Oldenburg.

The venue: M-86

March, 10

Urban greening of St Petersburg : Planned or grass-rooted?

The Third UrbanRead session was dedicated to the great Russian architect and urban scientist, Valeriy Nefedov, and to urban greening issue. The participants and experts have split into team, made their maps and symbols of green planning and grass-roots greening, and then discussed the advantages of grass-roots initiatives and of urban greening planned by local or state authorities, and also had a debate on how they can work together in order to create a more comfortable environment.

The venue: The Orangery f Tavrichesky Garden