During the German week ARTS4CITY offered a lecture and a workshop on a theme ”Prototyping infrastructure for public spaces”. The event was organized with the help of Ebert funding in St. Petersburg, consulate of Germany, Gete institute and Center of German and European studies (Bielefeld University)

Project Bicyclope, Zuloark & i collective, Berlin   

Quality infrastructure of the public space is essential in order it to function. The infrastructure should be diverse, constructed with the principle of openness and it should correspond with the values of sustainable development. Many creative collectives of architects and designers are working on development of such infrastructures in the cities of Europe in co-operation with researchers of social life in the public spaces. As their experience show, quality infrastructure invites to spend time, socialize and enjoy. It can even change the atmosphere of the space, transforming it from an abandoned to a full of life. The workshop and the seminar put the emphasis on the importance of active involvement of citizens and improvement of the public spaces. They also show the methods how to develop free city culture: principles as ”do it yourself” and ”doing together”, open access to the prototypes, a use of non-expensive and second hand materials and creative approach to every-day objects.

Public lecture and the workshop for young architects, designers, sociologist and urbanists on prototyping outdoor infrastructures were hold by the architects of some leading creative communities in Berlin: Natalia Hozi, i Collective, and Huan Tsakon, Zuloark.