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First ARTS4CITY ‘Italian’ event featuring Trial Version collective (Florence, Italy) is supported by Italian Institute of Culture in St. Petersburg and is organized in collaboration with the international public art festival Art Prospect.

The goals of the event are:

  • To demonstrate how and why art can impact the social by giving a new turn in vision and practice for city communities in turbulent times.
  • To show that Italy, being the keeper of art and culture heritage, is also supporting contemporary art as important part of humanity worldwide and in Russia, in particular.
  • To suggest  soft methods of developing Italian-Russian international relationships by discussing and making art in the city together by artists and citizens with support from academic representatives.

Dates: September 15-21 2015

Location: Yarki Creative Space, Engelsa prospekt 1-5 and neighboring area.

In one of the yards at the Vyborg side of the city Trial Version member Elena Mazzi is going to make an interactive game ‘Spread the Word’ which thinks over the relations between a man and his environment – the city space.  In collaboration with sociologists from CGES, Elena will create a ‘vocabulary’ of hot topics discussed by yard dwellers in their everyday life. During the game, which resembles the Chinese whispers, citizens will pass these words to each other. The words can stay the same or change, and receive new meanings. The participants of the game will discuss these changes and what caused them. The game will become a space for dialogue and encounter of different opinions about the life in the yard. In process of communication such phenomena as everyday knowledge, memory of the place, emotional memory will reveal, being an important part of the citizens’ identity and stimulus for collective actions.

Trial Version:

Trial Version collective is known reactivating of disused architectural spaces (apartments, shops, stores, garages) temporarily turning them in exhibition spaces, placing them at young artists’ disposal. Starting from the idea that artistic experience can often offer a trial version or an alternative to the reality, Trial Version is a mobile container that turns common places in artistic spaces. Group follows the principles of cooperation, autonomy and nomadism.

In St.Petersburg Trial Version will be represented by Elena Mazzi and Michela Lupieri, who are going to deal with and to reflect upon a new urban context – the residential areas of St.Petersburg.