Imagining Obvodny: From mental maps to the image of future

October 19th 2015, 7 pm

Loft Your Mind co-working space, Obvodny Canal, 199

КТ_потенциал арендатор

Collective discussion featuring researchers, artists and residents of the Red Triangle and Obvodny Canal gives a chance to discuss once again the present and the future of St.Petersburg grey belt.  Researchers will present todays mental maps and views the Red Triangle residents have towards this space.
Artists will show the ‘life maps’ of the area created during collective game TRIANGULATIONS. LIFE MAP. The maps will show the existing everyday and new artistic interpretations of the place. The ‘real’ future is open for discussion by participants of the event.


  • Alexandra Nenko, Arts4City coordinator. The image of the Red Triangle. What do the residents and the researchers see?
  • Josa Gerhard, Invisible Playground, Berlin. TRIANGULATIONS. LIFE MAP. Documentation of the game.
  • Aleksandr, coordinator of the’Triangle’ Informational Project. The Red Triangle yesterday and today.
  • Sacha Kagan, sociologist, urban researcher, Leuphana University, Lueneburg.  Arts and sustainable development of the city.

Comments by: Rita Kuleva (Centre for German and European Studies), Daniyar Yusupov and Liliya Voronkova (Urban Design Institute ‘SREDA’), representatives  of the creative spaces of Obvodny Canal.

Greetings: Angelika Eder, Director of the Goethe Institute in St.Petersburg.