ARTS4CITY project team is multidisciplinary and comprises sociologists, anthropologists, interior and landscape designers, cultural managers, media artists. We also have regular collaborators within architects, product designers, furniture artisans, photographers, journalists and other beautiful people.



Aleksandra Nenko – a sociologist, urbanist, chief idea creator

Natalia Grigoreva – a sociologist, commercial proposals

Alexandra Merkulyeva – a cultural manager, PR

Anastasia Perevozkina – a sociologist, SMM

Anna Krivtsova – a product and service designer


Anastasia Kuleshova – an environmental designer (St.Petersburg-Italy)

Nadezhda Gerasimova – an architect (St.Petersburg)

Ludmila Delarova – a landscape designer (St.Petersburg)

Nika Cherednikova – a product designer (St.Petersburg)

Iolanta Skavidis – a photographer (St.Petersburg)