Programme of ARTS4CITY events in 2015

September 17-19

Spread the word

A three-days game with local citizens of Vyborgsky district (St Petersburg), local sociologists and an Italian artist, Elena Mazzi.

With participation of Trial Version Collective (Italy).

Supported by Center for German and European Studies, Italian Institute of Culture.

October, 15-19

Urban Imaginary and Red Triangle

16-17 of October. A workshop how to create an urban game by “Invisible Playground” (Germany) and by an expert in cities sustainable development, Sasha Kegan (Germany).

18 of October: A site-specific game, a performance by “Invisible Playground” in the Red Triangle area.

19 of October: A collective discussion “Imagining Obvodny: from mental maps to the image of the future”.

Supported by Center for German and European Studies, EUNIC and Goethe Institut.

November, 15

A charm of margins or the anthropology of periphery

A city walk in the neighborhood of Prospekt Prosvescheniya together with Open Map and the artists as Juan López-Aranguren (Madrid), Mauro Filippi (Palermo) and Morgan Alexander Ip (Kirkenes).

November, 16

Art, participation and development of spontaneous public spaces

A discussion about social value of the design projects on urban fourniture, street art, and also about possibilities of online platform to start up collaborative art projects in open urban spaces.

With participation of Juan López-Aranguren, Basurama, Madrid, Spain; Mauro Filippi, PUSH, Palermo, Italy; Morgan Alexander Ip, Kirkenes, Norway.

Programme of ARTS4CITY events in 2016

March, 11-13

Masquerade in the city

March 11-12th. Workshops for making site-specific masks and clothing by sewing cooperative Shvemy and Alena Petite at Cultural House of Rosa, 50 Ligovskiy prospekt.

March 13th. A masquerade – a playful happening in costumes at 50 Ligovskiy prospekt. A script written by Arts for the City, Sofiya Akimova and “Shvemy” cooperation.

With participation of Open Urban Lab.

Supported by Center for German and European Studies.

April, 15-27

Engaging Square

April 15th. A public seminar ‘DIY culture of the city: Open Code and the Prototype’ with i collective (Berlin) and Zuloark (Berlin).

April 16-17th. A workshop ‘Prototyping Infrastructure for Public Spaces’ with i collective (Berlin) and Zuloark (Berlin).

April 20th. An exhibition of the prototypes in the Troitskaya Library.

April 20-26th. Voting for the best prototype.

April 27th. An official presentation of the prototypes in the Troitskaya Library.

Supported by Friedrich Ebert Foundation, German Consulate in St. Petersburg, Center for German and European Studies, and Posadskiy municipal district.

In the framework of the Week of Germany 2016 in St. Petersburg.

May, 7-15

Street Kitchen

May 13th. A public seminar ‘Urban Culture Activism: Experiences of St Petersburg and Helsinki’ with Yhteismaa (Finland), researchers from Helsinki and St. Petersburg. Institute of Finland.

May 14th. A pop-up restaurant organized by Arts for the City and Yhteismaa for residents of Krasnogvardeyskiy district in partnership with V_meste project at Sovremennik library (32 Zanevsky prosp.).

Supported by Center for German and European Studies, Institute of Finland, Consulate of Finland.

July, 16-17

3D Masks in the VK FEST

Workshops for making 3D masks with participation of a graffiti studio, AtmoGroup.

July, 25

Pixel characters in the GEEKPICNIC

A pixel art installation with participation of the festival’s visitors.

A discussion “Where is the boundary between the sign on a fence and street art”

July, 28-30

Redesign of Miracle’s yard

July 28th. A ChairFest: workshops on decoupage, painting, banding, mosaic and redesign of the chairs.

July 31st. A Yard Day: collaborative lunch production, workshops on decoration, creation of flowers bunches and accessories for the table.

September, 9

Realisation of the project “Feel the place”

Workshops how to decorate birdhouses and furins; participatory decoration of the Tovstonogov square and creation of decorative pathways and glass rocks.

September, 12-17

Meeting Point

September 12-16th. A research of Ohtinsky district, interviews with local residents, the generation of new ideas how to make urban design, realisation of some ideas together with the students of the Ohtinsky college.

September 17th. A celebration of Ohtinsky neighbors “Histories of our house” with the presentation of the workshop’s results, a prototype which shows how to reinvent the space in front of the entrance.

The curator: Kenneth Balfelt (Denmark).

Supported by Centre for German and European Studies and Danish Cultural Institute.

September 24-25

Urban festival “Alive streets”

Workshops how to redesign fourniture and create an interactive fourniture for a lounge zone.

September, 25-27

Cultural Frontier: DIY urban initiatives of Baltic sea region

September 25-26. A crash-course ‘How to make DIY culture in the City?’. 

September 27. A panel discussion ‘Cultural Frontier: DIY urban initiatives of Baltic sea region’.

Invited speakers of the block are coordinators of successful urban DIY projects from Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Baltic cities of Russia – St Petersburg and Kaliningrad.

Supported by Centre for German and European Studies and Consulate of Finland in St.Petersburg.

In the framework of the International Spatial Development Forum 2016.

October, 10-16

A Week of changes

Planning of the public space for the gymnasium № 278 with participation of the pupils of 10th classes.

In the framework of the Week of Germany 2016.

November, 26


A collective discussion of the first chapter from the book, written by famous urbanists, Ash Amin and Nigel Thrift “Cities: Reimagining the Urban” – “The legibility of everyday city”.