Arts for the City brings together artistic communities and urban researchers from Russia, Italy, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, and Hungary to design and discuss arts in the city.

Project is grounded on research conducted by the Centre of German and European Studies on creative communities in different cities of Russia and Europe. Knowledge about effects of collective creative process in urban space facilitates designing events to rethink the city.  

Arts for the City consists of a series of events each of them comprising research and art intervention in urban space and public discussion of this experience.

Artists and citizens try to re-create the underused or abandoned spaces and animate ordinary residential areas. Dwelling upon their collective intelligence and energy artistic communities will create new situations of interaction and out of the ordinary leisure time for citizens. Before each event sociologists and urbanists will investigate the peculiarities of the territory and ask citizens about their everyday life and visions of the area.

During open public discussions in dialogue with artists and citizens researchers of the city – urbanists, sociologists, architects –  will look for answers to the question:  what can art give to the city.

After a year of the first project stage and accumulation of experiences we plan to maintain the network of artists and researchers further and continue developing urban areas where the project events took place.