Public event

Collective Dialogue : Revitalizing urban spaces as art practice
Wastelands, unused spaces, unfavorable districts… In every city one can find a bunch of abandoned spaces, which potentially could drive cultural change and benefit dwellers. However waiting for top-down decisions and investments, they for years spread gloom in surrounding environment. St.Petersburg is not an exception.

Among solutions that could animate such spaces, one of the possibilities is art-revitalization – an artistic initiative from below. In different cities and countries this practise acquires unique profile. Collective dialogue of artists, who work in Europe, USA and Russia, allows to observe  possibilities and risks of art-revitalization from different angles.

Trial Version will tell about reactivating of disused architectural spaces in Italy, Flux Factory will share experience of art interventions in USA, Kendal Henri, curator of the festival Art Prospect 2014 will talk about twists and turns of public art in Russia. Participants will discuss perspectives of art-revitalization in the city periphery. Dialogue will also become a chance for artists to brainstorm before they will try jointly to bring life into residential areas of the Vyborg side, where festival Art Prospect 2015 is going to take place.

Presenters: Elena Mazzi and Michela Lupieri (Trial Version, Italy), Flux Factory (USA), Kendal Henri (USA).

Participants:  artists of the Art Prospect 2015 festival: “pro_spectus” (Belorussia), Jess Hirsh (USA), “Sever 7” (Russia) and others, residents of the creative spaces of St.Petersburg, sociologists from the Centre for German and European Studies, experts of the Institute of Urban Research “Sreda” and Open Urban Lab. 
Moderator: Alexandra Nenko, Centre for German and European Studies

Date: September 16th

Location: Tayga creative space, Dvortsovaya, 20


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