“Laboratory of Neighbour Initiatives” is a co-branding project between ARTS4CITY and  “Sovremennik” Library (Krasnogvardeisky district) .

The Laboratory  brings together the local residents, professional groups (urban scientists, sociologists, architects) and representatives of private business and municipality. It gives an opportunity for local people to improve their everyday lives, squares, streets and, in a result, the whole district.

The laboratory includes different formats as lectures, open discussions and practical workshops, where citizens will learn more about theory of urban studies and community building, and then implement the knowledge into practice, realising themselves and making their dreams come true. 

From March, 2017, the educational course has been started  to strengthen the identity of local residents, to activate community and to produce the brand of the district.


  • March, 23 — Project meeting on Ohta District’s brand 
  • March, 31 — Discussion on Urban Gardening
  • April, 8 — URBAN READ on Community Building

The Venue: “Sovremennik” Library.