Aleksandra Nenko, PhD, is ARTS4CITY coordinator and chief idea creator.




Aleksandra Nenko was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on March 21, 1985.

She has obtained her MA in Sociology and Kharkiv National University in 2007. In 2011 she has successfully defended her PhD about political humour as a discourse of everyday life political communication in Kiev State University, Ukraine. After defense she has moved to St.Petersburg. Here Aleksandra has started working in the field of urban studies, doing research on public spaces as member of Open Urban Lab team, on creative collectives in European cities as project coordinator at the Centre for German and European Studies (St.Petersburg State University – University of Bielefeld) (CGES) and on creative industries as researcher at Laboratory of Economics of Culture at Higher School of Economics in St.Petersburg. In 2013 Aleksandra has become associate professor of the newly established Institute for Design and Urbanistics at ITMO University, which is the only institution providing education in urban studies in St.Petersburg as for now.

In 2015 as project coordinator at CGES Aleksandra has elaborated the idea of ARTS4CITY project which was successfully launched in collaboration with EUNIC (European Network of Institutes of Culture) in September 2015 in St.Petersburg. The project has combined Aleksandra’s experience in urban studies and her knowledge of creative tools in re-thinking, re-activating and transforming the urban environment gained during research. The wide-spread network of scientists and artists working in the domain of participatory urban art, urban design and architecture in Russia, Europe and Latin America gained through Aleksandra’s activity in many institutional contexts and teams, is being carefully developed in the framework of ARTS4CITY project. The ARTS4CITY project team is the result of Aleksandra’s activity as educator and tutor for young promising specialists from fields of art, design, architecture, sociology, anthropology and urban studies.