CHAIR fest and public space development 

It’s not accidental that ARTS4CITY got the idea of the Chair Fest: during the summer time in 2016 we had been working on the redevelopment of the square in the time-cafe Miracle. The opportunity to sit comfortably in a beautiful stylish place is one of the main functions of public spaces, that is why chairs, stools and other seats are irreplaceable items.

There are other several reasons why exactly a chair is the symbol of the CHAIR Fest: a chair is like an old friend, which everytime accompany people at home, working place and in leisure time. We often don’t notice chairs, sometimes we sit only on our favourite chair. In contrast with heavy benches, chairs and stools are mobile, it can be placed elsewhere, forming a space for ourselves. Chairs create a unique cozy atmosphere and make a space comfortable.

A professional design team made workshops on painting, knitting mosaic, decoupage of chairs. At the evening, there was a lecture “Chairs in Contemporary Art”. Everyone could bring new chair at home or leave it in  Miracle square and come here to sit on their own chair in a cozy atmosphere!


July 28th, 2016. Miracle Space