Presentation at the Barents Spektakel 2016 Visual Art seminar “Cultural Pollution-Polluted Culture” 13.02.2016, Kirkenes, Norway

Joining art and industries has become a trend nowadays: industry owners seek for new tools to improve their image and make money on their space, and art looks for new challenges and new ethics. But this relationship is not easy as far as art and industries are two different life and social worlds. Their interaction is a complex dramaturgy.  Still there is sense in their interaction for the two worlds can develop. To achieve this they have to try to open to each other, transcend their own boundaries and … let themselves be fragile to become stronger.

Logics of Fragility: between Arts and Industry‘ presentation by Alexandra Nenko

photos by Alexandra Nenko, from Homestay project by Arctic Art Institute and Triangulation project by Arts4city