A square is a place between home and city, it is both private and public space. A square is made for everyone: there are teenagers, adults playing with kids and  grannies sitting on benches. You can meet your old and new friends, play, rest, brief fresh air there. In a city of white nights and unpredictable weather cost, a cozy square is irreplaceable.

On July 31st, ARTS4CITY и Miracle made a Yard Day  – a cozy celebration in a creative relax atmosphere for all visitors . Besides,  ARTS4CITY team has continued a perfect tradition of collective cooking in an open air! As always in very open and soulful atmosphere, together with the guests, we made a light salad, snacks and sandwiches in an open air.

The programme included:
– a joint cooking according to the recipe
– a lunch in an open air
– workshops on decorating, making flowers bouquets and accessories for table
– a concert of LU-BLUE BAND.

July 31st 2016. Miracle Space