Project aims

Project focuses on thinking and experimenting with art practices in urban space involving citizens as equal participants. Bringing together artistic communities and urban researchers from around Europe in St.Petersburg, it is an international platform for experimenting and discussing different art practices which make the city vivid and livable. Read more

Project design

Arts for the City runs for a year (September 2015 — September 2016) and brings together artistic communities and urban researchers from Russia, Italy, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, and Hungary to design and discuss arts in the city. Read more

Creative Community

Trial Version collective is known reactivating of disused architectural spaces (apartments, shops, stores, garages) temporarily turning them in exhibition spaces, placing them at young artists’ disposal. Starting from the idea that artistic experience can often offer a trial version or an alternative to the reality, Trial Version is a mobile container that turns common places in artistic spaces. Group follows the principles of cooperation, autonomy and nomadism.

Art Project

In one of the yards at the Vyborg side of the city Trial Version member Elena Mazzi is going to make an interactive game ‘Spread the Word’ which thinks over the relations between a man and his environment – the city space.  In collaboration with sociologists from CGES, Elena will create a ‘vocabulary’ of hot topics discussed by yard dwellers in their everyday life.

Public Discussion

Wastelands, unused spaces, unfavorable districts… In every city one can find a bunch of abandoned spaces, which potentially could drive cultural change and benefit dwellers. Among solutions that could animate such spaces, one of the possibilities is art-revitalization – an artistic initiative from below. Collective dialogue of artists, who work in Europe, USA and Russia, allows to observe  possibilities and risks of art-revitalization from different angles.