is a project studio which is developing urban culture. We bring new meanings and designs into open and closed urban spaces. We use multidisciplinary and contextual approach, based on research and citizens involvement in urban environment development.

We have worked in different types of urban spaces: from squares to libraries, making a new vision of it and generating new processes there as games, creative and interactive activities. We have used various formats: urban games and city walks, cultural festivals and neighbor parties, urban forniture prototyping and art-interventions, urban masquerades and street kitchen.

We have organise educational events: public lectures, workshops, crush courses, sessions in international cultural forums with participation of leading experts in the field of DIY urban studies, participatory art and urban culture.

Our projects bring together Russian and European cities: artists and urbansist from Florence, Berlin, Madrid, Copenhagen, Kirkenes, Vilnius, Riga, Helsinki, Tallin and Kaliningrad have already participated in our events.

ARTS4CITY had started with  «Arts for the City» name with the support of the Centre of German and European Studies (SPSU – BIELEFELD)  and EUNIC, which still continue to be our main partners.